Sandwich panels


Sandwich Panels

A sandwich panel is a product used to clad the walls and roofs of buildings. Each panel consists of a core of thermally insulating material covered on both sides with sheet metal. The structural forces are carried by the steel framework to which the sandwich panels are attached.

The types of sandwich panels are generally classified according to the thermally insulating material used as the core. Sandwich panels with cores of EPS, mineral wool and polyurethane are all readily available. The materials differ mainly in their thermal insulation performance, sound insulation, fire behavior and weight.

Also, these panels are very durable. They are like a sandwich with a soft core protected by hard layers. These are called layers and the core is not too thick, the top layers are thin but very protective. There is metal on the outside of the sandwich panels, which is mainly used for decorative purposes and protection.

The main purpose is insulation and therefore the core is made of heat-insulating material. This acts as a shield against heat, cold, moisture, fire and weather conditions. The core has huge strength, but is very lightweight. The outer layers are there to protect the core. Our sandwich roof panels are used for roofing, siding, and wall projects. These insulated panels are mainly used for the construction of warehouses, buildings, freezers and shopping malls etc. The installation of these panels is very easy and after removal, these panels can be used multiple times. For these reasons, these panels have become very popular as they make the construction work faster and efficient.

Final Words – Given that, we offer our customers the best products. With this intention, our sandwich panels are affordable and durable. Our solutions are designed to reduce costs and provide superior protection.