Continuous Corrugated

Our continuous corrugated fencing system has been specially designed so that there is no gap between the
overlapping corrugated sheets at a continuous stretch, thereby keeping the perimeter totally secure


ECO-PVC Fencing

At Alseyaj Metalic Industries, we supply high quality PVCs, which are an attractive alternative to conventional fencing materials. PVC Fences are made of good quality of polyethylene and polypropylene chemicals. Eco-Friendly and excellent looking fence, perfect for branding. As compare to the metal fences, plastic fences are lighter in weight, not to mention these are rust free and anti-corrosive. Specially made for high profile projects keeping in view of UAE weather as these are weather resistant. Also, PVCs are durable as compared to other types.
PVCs are designed to withstand normal winds with ease but with careful installation and support, our fence can easily withstand 100 MPH. Whether it’s a desert storm or a hurricane, our PVC will hold up.


Panel Fencing

Alseyaj Metalic Industries LLC manufactures panel fencing in unique colors. To prevent rust, powder coated profiled sheets are used in various sizes depending on the project requirements. Galvanized steel pipes and diagonal supports are connected to a concrete foundation to make these panel fences stand strong. These products are easy to install and can be easily removed once the project is complete. Our high quality construction fencing can be used for multiple projects.



As per the requirements of the UAE Municipality, Hoarding panels are manufactured in various designs. For the prestigious developer, Muhammad Bin Rashid Housing Est, a special design of fencing is manufactured in different colors with borders 

Mesh Fencing

Multiple choices are available in terms of mesh sizes, heights and colors to match every requirement of the customer. These fences have high strength as they are manufactured using steel wire woven into a diamond shape. Plain GI Finish and polyester power coated options are also available in approved color codes, including braces supports, foundation blocks, clamps and complete system.

Also, Mesh Fencing is used for making partitions of industries, mesh rooms, mesh walls, cages, stores, data centers, warehouses with gates or doors or any other commercial installation. 


Road barrier fencing

It’s a special isolation fence mostly used for urban traffic arteries, road diversions, highway greening isolation belts, bridges, highways and various toll gates.